Deterministic Chaos Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to get

how to get deterministic chaos destiny 2 lightfall

Destiny 2 is back with Lightfall, an expansion that pits you against the Black Fleet and The Witness. Players will explore Neptune’s Neomuna, an uncharted planet, and gain access to the new subclass, Stand.

As with every Destiny 2 content refresh, there are new weapons and armor to discover, with Exotics being the most powerful of them all. In this guide, we’ll focus on Deterministic Chaos, one of the new weapons, and look into how to unlock it and what to expect.

How to get Deterministic Chaos Destiny 2 Lightfall

deterministic chaos destiny 2 lightfall

To get your hands on this new heavy Exotic weapon in Lightfall, you’re going to have to complete a yet another quest to do so.

However, before this is even possible, you must first beat the Lightfall campaign on either difficulty. Once you do, head to Nimbus, the Cloud Strider that you have been returning to throughout the story.

unfinished business destiny 2 lightfall

After speaking with them, you will be able to pick up the Unfinished Business Exotic quest thus rewarding you with Deterministic Chaos.

This is a relatively short Exotic quest in comparison to some of old, but will require you to dispatch of a bunch of Vex and return to the Black Garden for a special mission.

Deterministic Chaos Destiny 2 Lightfall perks & traits

deterministic chaos destiny 2 lightfall trait

Deterministic Chaos packs a powerful punch with its rhythmic abilities. Every fourth shot turns into a heavy projectile that further weakens targets on impact coupled with the Vexadecimal perk which if holding down the trigger, will create volatility every fourth proc of Heavy Metal.

Essentially, if you hit your shots and keep that trigger down, Deterministic Chaos will put the work in.

In our eyes, this is mainly a PVE Exotic as you’ll want to be holding that trigger down for some time, spraying either a boss or multiple enemies, rather than in PVP where you’re limited on ammo and adversaries in front of you.

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