Destiny 2 Siviks’s Delivery Note: How to complete

siviks's delivery note destiny 2

Destiny 2 has such a wide range of quests and activities that even now are sometimes a little difficult to complete. One such quest is the completion of Siviks’s Delivery Note which is certainly not clear as to how to successfully finish.

Completing this Siviks’s Delivery Note is particularly important because it is one piece in the puzzle that is unlocking the Gofannon Forge, one of the Forge’s needed to finish the full Forge package. Let’s get into everything you need to know for completing Siviks’s Delivery Note in Destiny 2!

How to complete Siviks’s Delivery Note in Destiny 2

how to complete siviks's delivery note destiny 2

On the Siviks’s Delivery Note quest item in your inventory, it states that for you to finish this vital quest step you need to “Track down roaming Captains on Nessus to further pinpoint where the tainted gear originates from”. Now, while it states that you need to ‘track down’ these Captains, what it actually means is that you need to kill them. This is why a lot of Guardians are being tripped up and ultimately getting frustrated with this quest.

These Captains are somewhat of a rarity on Nessus and can only be found at the Exodus Black Crash Site. Our recommendation for finding and killing these Captains is to spawn in at the Exodus Black Crash Site and drive around a bit on your Sparrow or dispatch some enemies that have already spawned. This should kill some time before the roaming Captain spawns and could even trigger it sooner than expected.

If you’re trying to complete Siviks’s Delivery Note as a Fireteam, as long as you get shots on the Captain before it is dispatched, it will still count toward the quest step meaning you won’t need to fret about who gets that last bullet in.

That’s all there is to it, enjoy getting one step closer to unlocking the all-important Gofannon Forge!

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