How to reset Valor rank – Destiny 2

How to reset valor rank - Destiny 2

If you’re an avid Crucible player in Destiny 2, you should be noticing that you’re gaining ‘ranks’ simply by playing matches. These ranks go from Guardian (0) all the way up to Legend (1800) but what happens when you hit the max rank? Well, you can reset your Valor rank and start climbing those ranks yet again.

How to reset Valor rank in Destiny 2

Once you’ve reached Legend rank (1800), this is the last rank you can achieve. However, you’ll need to keep going until you hit 2000 points where a big ‘Max Rank’ image will display on your screen. From there you’ll need to go to the Tower. Once in the Tower, head to Lord Shaxx and pick up all of the rewards associated to levelling your ranks up, including the all-important Ascendant Shard. You should’ve now reset your Valor rank back to Guardian (0) so you can level up again and reap the rewards of doing so!

To go over those steps again, here they are:

  1. Reach Legend Valor rank

  2. Keep playing until you hit 2000 points

  3. Head to Lord Shaxx and pick up the Ascendant Shard which has now become available

  4. Your Valor rank is now reset

There we have it, you’ve just learned how to reset Valor rank in Destiny 2! Have run running around in the Crucible once again and getting those rewards from reaching higher ranks!

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