When can you pre-load Dead Space Remake?

dead space remake pre-load time

The Dead Space Remake looks to breathe new life into the franchise that has sadly been left stagnant for some time now. You’ll be getting updated visuals, new dialogue, and even tweaks to the gameplay to make the revamped Dead Space a fresh experience for both new and returning players.

Now, if you’re eager to get your hands on it, you can pre-load the Dead Space Remake to be able to play as soon as the game goes live. However, you will need to know when you can do that so below, we’ll run you through the Dead Space Remake pre-load time so you can be all prepped.

When can you pre-load Dead Space Remake?

If you are wanting to pre-load the Dead Space Remake, it will sadly be depending on what device you will be playing the game on. Yes, that’s right, for some reason, the console wars are rearing their ugly head once again, as the pre-load times are different for Xbox and PlayStation.

If you want to pre-load the Dead Space Remake on Xbox, this can be done on January 20, 8am PT (4pm GMT). But, if you’re wanting to play the game on the PlayStation, you’ll be waiting a little longer as you will only be able to get the pre-install going on January 25, 8am (4pm GMT). Finally, if you prefer to avoid consoles altogether and are playing on PC, you will still be able to pre-load but it will be on that later date akin to PlayStation.

There isn’t a clear reason why Xbox is getting preferential treatment here but it’s likely either down to the EA partnership the platform has for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, or simply due to the fact that Xbox has approved the game quicker for pre-load than the other two.

Regardless of when you are able to pre-load though, the release date for the Dead Space Remake remains the same on all platforms (December 27) so no matter what you are playing it on, you will be able to do so on launch day.

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