Is Dead Space Remake on Game Pass?

dead space remake game pass

The Dead Space Remake is in an interesting position. It’s not actually been too long since its initial release, but with game engines in a state that can pump out cinema-like visuals, and its spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol releasing, many will certainly be clambering to get back onboard the Ishimura. However, as with the majority of remasters and remakes, many don’t want to pay the price for simply updated textures.

Below, we’ll be providing the answer to if the Dead Space Remake is on Game Pass so you Xbox enthusiasts will know if you’ll be getting the game at no extra cost or whether you’re going to have to dig into those pockets once more for revamps visuals.

Is Dead Space Remake on Game Pass?

is dead space remake on game pass

In many gamers’ eyes, the Dead Space Remake on Game Pass makes perfect sense. It’s not a whole new experience, and it allows those who missed it the first time to jump in without having to pay an additional penny. Additionally, with Game Pass Ultimate, you get access to a plethora of EA titles, so naturally, you might expect this game to make it onto the catalogue also.

However, sadly, at launch, the Dead Space Remake will not be on Game Pass in any capacity, whether that be if you’re a regular or Ultimate subscriber. While this is disappointing, as previously stated, due to EA Play being bundled in with Ultimate, we could see the Dead Space Remake on Game Pass a little later down the line.

One side benefit though if you are a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber is that you’ll automatically receive 10% off when purchasing through the Xbox store. This will knock down the price of the game a little and potentially put it in a range that you find easier to swallow.

We hope you got the answer you were after here and if you have other questions such as if Dead Space Remake has co-op, read our guide on that also.

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