Is Dead Space Remake co-op?

is dead space remake coop

As we’re sure you’re aware, the Dead Space games are known for their horror elements with creatures jump scaring you into oblivion as you venture through desolate areas. While in most of the franchise’s games you’re alone for this journey, in Dead Space 3 for example, you can jump into some co-op action, alleviating the tension a little.

However, now the original Dead Space is back with the new Dead Space Remake, plenty of fans have been asking the question of whether it is co-op so they can enjoy the experience again with a friend by their side. Below, we’ll run you through is the Dead Space Remake is co-op so you know to save your playthrough for a late-night gaming session with your closest friend.

Is Dead Space Remake co-op?

dead space remake coop

To start, let’s talk backstory on the original Dead Space and co-op.

Co-op was actually originally planned to be in the game from the get-go, allowing another player to dismember some monsters alongside Isaac Clarke to both help you out in tough situations, as well as probably helping you avoid some gruesome deaths.

However, co-op was scrapped during development due to time and resource constraints which is a little unfortunate. This has led to many wondering if the remake of the game will in fact throw the co-op option in there since seemingly everything in the game has gotten a facelift.

Sadly for you co-op lovers, the new Dead Space Remake does not have co-op. While this might be a disappointment for some, we believe that throwing co-op in a game of this nature does detract from the experience a little due to it being horror-like, with the ‘alone’ feeling only adding to the ambiance. We wouldn’t hedge our bets on the mode being added later down the line either due to no additional story DLC planned, similar to the original title.

Who knows though, if this Dead Space Remake does well sales-wise, we could see the return of Dead Space 2, and ultimately Dead Space 3, which does have co-op built in from the start.

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