Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops: Everything You Need To Know

dead island 2 twitch drops

Get ready, zombie slayers! To celebrate the much-anticipated launch of Dead Island 2, the developers are offering Twitch Drops for fans of the game. Running from April 21st to May 17th, these Drops will be enabled across Twitch, giving you the chance to claim exclusive in-game loot – the powerful Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of claiming and redeeming your Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops so you can secure the shotgun for yourself.

How To Get Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops (Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun)

To participate in Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops, you’ll first need to sign up for Prism Ray Online Services (PROS). If you haven’t already, head to the PROS website and create an account. For more information on PROS, consult their FAQ section.

Next, you’ll need to link your PROS account to your Twitch account. Sign in or create a Twitch account, then navigate to your Profile -> Settings -> Connections. Scroll down to “Other Connections” and click “Connect” next to Prism Ray Online Services. Voila! Your accounts are now linked.

Once your accounts are connected, log in to your Twitch account and find a stream with Dead Island 2 Drops enabled. Watch the stream for at least 20 minutes to be eligible for the exclusive Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun.

Fenrir's Howl dead island 2

As previously stated, these eligible streams will be running from April 21st to May 17th to ensure you tune in then or you’ll lose your chance!

After watching a Dead Island 2 stream for the required 20 minutes, you can claim your Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun in-game. Head to the Serling Hotel and find Dougie, who will provide you with your new, powerful weapon.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to claim exclusive Dead Island 2 loot through Twitch Drops. By linking your PROS and Twitch accounts and tuning in to participating streams, you can add the formidable Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun to your arsenal. So, gear up, and dive into the thrilling, zombie-infested world of Dead Island 2.

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