Dark and Darker Stuck On Connecting Explained

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In the enthralling world of Dark and Darker, players often face daunting challenges and treacherous dungeons. However, one particular issue has been frustrating players outside of the game itself: the “stuck on connecting” problem.

This technical hurdle has left many adventurers stranded, unable to venture into the game’s mysterious depths. In this article, we will examine the root cause of this issue and offer potential solutions to help gamers overcome this obstacle and continue their perilous journey into the heart of Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Connecting Forever: Can you Fix?

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Connection issues in any game are frustrating, and this feeling is even more amplified when you’re on the playtest clock since you’ll have limited time with the game before it goes away. Therefore, if you’re experiencing the Dark and Darker stuck on connecting issue where it’s seemingly connecting forever and not actually allowing you into a match, you’re going to be getting a bit hot under the collar.

We’re sad to report that there is no actual ‘fix’ per se for this issue as it’s basically a server-related problem that sits with the developers Ironmace rather than yourself. This problem occurs when either the servers have just gone offline, probably due to bug fixes, or if they are overloaded by the hoard of loot-hungry adventurers waiting to get their hands on some high-level gear.

So, what we suggest is that you simply sit back and relax, wait for Ironmace to ‘iron’ out the server issues, and maybe do some strategic planning for your next dungeon-crawling escapade. Definitely keep an eye on Ironmace’s Twitter account as this is the place you’ll get the most answers at.

If you see that the servers are stable and you’re still receiving the stuck on connecting error, then maybe check your own internet connection and ensure that Dark and Darker is up to date. This will eliminate any form of doubt that you’re the root of the issue, however slim the chance may be.

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