Is there a Dark and Darker solo queue?

dark and darker solo queue

Dark and Darker is one of those experiences that sucks you back in time and time again thanks to its looting and extraction mechanics. What’s particularly important to a successful extraction, however, is the teamwork aspect of the game, an integral part of fending off monsters and other players.

Due to this, if you’re not running with a squad, you’re going to have a tough time, especially due to the differing classes available. This has prompted players to wonder if there will be a Dark and Darker solo queue, allowing you to run some Dungeon Basement Level looting without the worry of a full squad wiping you out instantly. Below, we’ll be discussing the possibility of a Dark and Darker solo queue so you can put the question to bed once and for all.

Is there a Dark and Darker solo queue?

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At this current time, there is sadly no Dark and Darker solo queue for the main dungeons. This is slightly annoying for those that don’t have friends that want to play this type of game or who just want to get a quick few runs in and not wait around for your full squad to get online.

All hope is not lost though. The developers previously stated that a complete solo queue could be a real possibility, potentially coming in a later playtest. The key issue with solo queue is that the game itself is balanced with parties of three in mind so if it were to come to Dark and Darker, a tonne of reworking would have to take place for it to work well.

Here is the direct quote from Ironmace, the developers, on if solo queue will come to Dark and Darker; “We will need to test it first. We may make these tests public in future playtests to help us collect data. We will make our decision after these tests. Please note that the original game was balanced and designed around mostly party play so any solo-queue mode may be heavily imbalanced.”

Thankfully, with Dark and Darker playtest 4, there has been a form of solo queue included. This comes in the form of a separate level called Goblin Caves. This is completely detached from the usual experience but is certainly welcomed for those wanting a less squad-heavy experience.

That’s all we have on if Dark and Darker will have a solo queue but if this feature gets added, we’ll be sure to update this guide with any new information.

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