How to revive in Dark and Darker

how to revive dark and darker

Dark and Darker is a ruthless experience that pits you against not only AI monsters but also other players that may simply be more equipped than you are in the heat of battle. One way in which you can gain advantage though is through playing with a squad, allowing for the numbers to be in your favor.

However, there are times when your teammates get struck down by the mighty forces within the Dungeon Basement. Luckily for you, there is a revive system and below, we’ll be detailing exactly how to revive in Dark and Darker.

How to revive in Dark and Darker

dark and darker soul heart

If do opt to play in a team on your Dark and Darker dungeon escapades, as previously stated, you do have the chance to revive your squad if they fall to either mobs or other players. Reviving, however, is a slightly confusing mechanic as there isn’t just a singular button to resurrect a player, instead, it’s a multi-stage process that also requires a bit of exploring.

To revive in Dark and Darker, the first thing you must do is loot the body of your teammate. This might sound a bit odd, but you must grab their ‘soul’ in order for resurrection to take place. The soul is located in the chest armor slot so first remove any equipped item there and then take the Soul Heart that will now be in that slot.

Now you have the soul in hand, you now must find an Altar of Sacrifice to perform the revive. These are dotted around the Dungeon Basement Level so if you haven’t bumped into one on your travels, you need to do some running around to make the revival a possibility. When you find the Altar of Sacrifice you then need to press F (or whatever key you have bound this to) and wait for the bar to fill up and when this is fully complete, you will have successfully completed a Dark and Darker revive.

Once you revive a player, they will come back from the dead with no equipment or loot but what they can do is return to their fallen body and take everything off it, if it hasn’t already been ransacked of course.

There you have it, all the steps for how to revive in Dark and Darker. While being confusing at first, the process is a relatively simple one once you know how. There is that element of luck involved when finding an Altar of Sacrifice, but there are a few around so you should be able to get the job done.

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