Dark and Darker release date: Everything we know

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Dark and Darker looks to break the mold of your usual military games, taking you back to the medieval ages where swords and shields were the key to combat success. It borrows some elements of extraction games but has a bunch of different mechanics such as a class system that truly separates it from the pack.

Due to this, the Dark and Darker release date is something not only those that have played the playtest want to know but also the wider gaming community which is craving for a new game fix. Here is everything we know about the Dark and Darker release date.

Dark and Darker release date

dark and darker release date

Dark and Darker has been an absolute blast during playtests, enticing some of the biggest content creators in the world into playing. However, these playtests do not last forever, and therefore, many have been wondering what the Dark and Darker release date is so they can get their hands on the full game.

The Dark and Darker release date is Q4 2023 as stated by the developer Ironmace. Don’t despair though if you simply can’t wait that long as Ironmace has also said that there will be more and more playtests as time goes on. There is a planned playtest for October which will last two days between October 28-30.

If Escape From Tarkov, another loot and extract game, is anything to go by, we could see Dark and Darker released in a beta state earlier than Q4 2023 with more and more features being added as development progresses.

If we manage to gather any more information on the Dark and Darker release date, or if there will be any planned beta phase, then we’ll be sure to update this guide with what we can to help you out!

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