Dark and Darker Map: Everything we know

dark and darker map

Dark and Darker is undoubtedly a nerve-racking experience. You get thrown into the depths with a bunch of monsters, skeletons, and more, as well as a bunch of those real-life players all fighting to escape with loot in hand. Therefore, knowing how to navigate the maze that is the Dark and Darker Map is key.

When it comes to the Dark and Darker map, you only get to see a small portion in the bottom of your screen which not only increases the game’s difficulty but also allows a bit of intrigue as to what’s coming next for your Dungeon Basement escapades.

If you want to eliminate that however and get to grips with the twists and turns of the maze we’ll be detailing everything we know about the Dark and Darker Map below. Let’s get into it.

Dark and Darker Map: Everything we know

So, when it comes to the Dark and Darker Map, things do get a little tricky. As the game is in early development, there are actually a few different maps that are being created and utilized during each playtest.

For the current playtest, Ironmace has brought in some new maps as well as tweaks to previous ones which has certainly thrown even the most skilled players off their game. Moreover, the map can be different each time you spawn in which is a good thing for variety, but also a little annoying for those that want to memorize the layout.

The general rule of thumb though is that you’re going to encounter a boss in the middle of the map so be prepared if you’re heading there as these bosses are no joke especially if you’re going in as a solo player. There are also various healing stations around the map so knowing where those are is integral to survival.

Additionally, if you’ve encountered a squad on your travels, you’ll either want to fight them or escape, so knowing the best route out of there is key. Thankfully, if you want to get the upper hand on other players or simply want to escape monsters, the developers have provided us with the maps that are included in the current playtest and you can view them for yourself below.

And there you have it, everything that we know about the current Dark and Darker Map situation. This will likely change in the next playtest so we’ll be sure to update this guide with any further developments to this!

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