Dark and Darker leaderboard: How does it work?

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Leaderboards in games certainly inspire competition and almost entice you into playing those that have them for longer, in hopes that you can climb to that elusive top spot. Thankfully, in Dark and Darker, the developers, Ironmace, have decided to put one in, allowing you to hack and slash your way up the ranks.

The Dark and Darker leaderboard is something that is confusing players slightly as it’s not made clear how to actually gain places in it. Below, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about the Dark and Darker leaderboard so you’ll know exactly how it works.

Dark and Darker leaderboard: How does it work?

dark and darker leaderboard

So, with the Dark and Darker leaderboard, it looks like a traditional game leaderboard with the ranks of players on the left-hand side followed by player name, and all the associated data. The ranks shown are currently calculated using current playtest values and do not compound if you took part in a previous playtest. 

The way the leaderboard works, and how you gain ranks, is to extract from a Dungeon Basement Level with as much gold as possible. This is because your rank is simply based on how much gold you have in your inventory, so rather than hoarding armor etc., you’re best off converting it into gold by selling it to the Merchants.

At the moment, this is quite a simplistic leaderboard but we expect that the developers will add some more contributing ranking factors to it as simply basing how high a rank you are off just hoarding gold, in our opinion, devalues many of the other aspects of the game.

And there you have it, the Dark and Darker leaderboard all explained for you. Now all you have to do is get some successful extractions going with gold, armor, and weapons in your inventory to get that mountain of coins going in your stash.

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