Dark and Darker High Roller mode explained

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Dark and Darker is back for another playtest and that means new features have been added to the early access dungeon looting and extraction game. The time between the last playtest and this one has been a little longer so Ironmace has had time to do a few extra things.

One of these is the Dark and Darker High Roller mode which has been created to aid those that found the base game a little too easy. Below, we’ll run you through everything we know about the Dark and Darker High Roller mode so you’re fully informed before jumping into it.

Dark and Darker High Roller mode explained

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So, what exactly is the new Dark and Darker High Roller mode? Well, this mode has been specifically introduced for those who are skilled at the game. Basically, in previous Dark and Darker playtests, there were a bunch of squads that got in, destroyed everyone in their path, and got out with all loot in hand. Every time. To make it more difficult for those individuals, and up the stakes a little, this new High Roller mode looks to be exactly that.

First off, to enter the High Roller mode, you need to pay an entrance fee. That’s right, get your gold out because if you want to take part, you need 75 gold. This may increase in later updates but due to the amount of gold available being reduced in this playtest, it seems about right.

Once you’re in there, you’ll be coming up against some serious competition both player-controlled, and in-game monsters. Initially, obviously you’ll be fighting squads that are also ‘High Rollers’, who have not only paid that high entrance fee, but also will likely be on a similar skill level to you. Secondly, the non-player-controlled enemies will be far tougher with a bunch of ‘red eyed’ monsters as well as some extremely challenging skeletons.

With this higher skill level though comes better rewards. If you enter the Dark and Darker High Roller mode, you’re going to be looking at more rare weapons and armor as well as the chance to get Legendary gear without having to kill the bosses on Dungeon Basement Level 3.

And there you have it, an explanation of the new Dark and Darker High Roller mode. Enter in this more difficult mode at your peril!

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