How to extract in Dark and Darker

dark and darker extract how to

As Dark and Darker is basically being described as the medieval Tarkov, you’d expect there to be an extraction system so you can get out of dodge with that all-important loot in hand. You’re in luck, because Dark and Darker does have an extract option so you can escape both players and mobs alike.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through how to extract in Dark and Darker so you can safely get out with gold in hand and get to selling to those greedy merchants. Let’s get into it.

How to extract in Dark and Darker

If you want to perform a Dark and Darker extract, it works very differently than probably any other looting and extraction game that you have experienced. Even though this is the ‘medieval Tarkov’ there are no set zones or extraction points in which you need to wait in to extract with your loot. Instead of this, there are certain portals that spawn at different points of time in the map which you must use to extract. 

dark and darker escape portal

However, these portals aren’t exactly made obvious to players and you must locate blue headstone-like objects that emerge from the ground in order to open them up. Once found, press F (or whatever you have bound this key to) on the blue headstone to open the portal.

One thing to note, however, is to ensure you are opening a blue portal as the alternative red ones do not extract you and instead, take you to a deeper level of the game.

Now the portal is open, you now have the chance to extract. Simply step into the portal and you’ll be taken out of the map and back to the menus where you can drop your sweet sweet loot into your stash.

That’s all there is to extracting in Dark and Darker. It’s a very simple process with little to no waiting around. All you have to do is find that all-important blue headstone and you can get out as soon as possible!

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