Is Dark and Darker on console?

is dark and darker on console

Even though the game has only been in a playtest stage, a Dark and Darker console release is something that will be on many Xbox or PlayStation owners’ wishlist. This is simply because there are not many loot and extract experiences on these devices so fans of this genre are chomping at the bit to get in on some of that action. 

Below, we’ll be discussing the Dark and Darker console release and hopefully give you a definitive answer on if and when you will be able to play the medieval Tarkov on your Xbox or PlayStation.

Is Dark and Darker on console?

The short answer to the Dark and Darker console question is no, unfortunately, the medieval looting and extraction game is not currently on console. This is likely due to it not only being in an early access state with the Dark and Darker release date still being a ways off.

To add to this, due to the sheer number of different mechanics in the game requiring a plethora of inputs, a Dark and Darker console release would likely be an almost impossible task. As a medieval Tarkov game by gathering loot by dragging it into your inventory, alongside using your abilities, the game’s UI simply isn’t built for console.

The only light in the darkness is that the developers Ironmace hasn’t explicitly stated that the game will not be coming to console so if you want to put a positive spin on it, a Dark and Darker console release isn’t completely ruled out.

All we have to do at this point is wait and hope Ironmace has both the resources and know-how to port Dark and Darker over to console so you can enjoy some sword-swinging goodness holding the controller you know and love. We’ll be sure to update this guide with any and all new information we receive so that you can either be extremely excited or lay those hopes to rest when it comes to the Dark and Darker console release.

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