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Dark and Darker is a new kid on the block when it comes to looting and extraction games, borrowing from the likes of Escape From Tarkov for its core mechanics. Where Dark and Daker differs however is its use of a class system that adds another layer of complexity, especially in the heat of battle.

Below, we’ll be detailing a bunch of information on Dark and Darker classes, showcasing how many classes there are in the game as well as a full list with their accompanying names.

How many Dark and Darker classes are there?

As Dark and Darker allows you to have teams of three, a combination of different classes in your party could be key to a successful extraction. There are six classes total in Dark and Darker all varying in abilities and more.

These classes are still in development so skill trees are extremely lackluster, but this will change as the game gets nearer to a full release.

Dark and Darker classes list

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As previously stated, there are a total of six Dark and Darker classes. Here are all of the classes in the game in a full list.

  • Ranger
  • Wizard
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Fighter
  • Cleric

Each of these classes has differing abilities which can be used to gain advantages in a variety of ways. Moreover, only certain armor, weapons, and more can be equipped or used by specific classes so when you’re picking, it’s useful to keep that in mind. Equipment that cannot be used by your class will have a red background so it will be easy to spot.

Which Dark and Darker class is best?

When it comes to classes in any game, it sometimes comes down to personal preference which is the best one to pick. In Dark and Darker, this is similarly the case simply due to the abilities each has. In conjunction, due to certain weapons only being equipable based on your class, it kind of comes down to what playstyle you feel most comfortable with.

However, after all this being said, the overall best Dark and Darker class in our eyes is the Rogue as you are able to use the stealth ability as well as applying bleeding and poison effects on your weapons to dispatch both AI enemies and other players.

And there you have it, a full list of Dark and Darker classes and more so you’re fully informed before you go out on your medieval looting escapades!

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