Is there a Dark and Darker beta?

dark and darker beta

Dark and Darker is attempting to bring the world of looting and extraction to a more medieval setting, pitting you against wizards, rogues, and barbarians to battle it out to the death. Due to these mechanics paired with this fresh new setting, many are wondering if there will be a Dark and Darker beta to enjoy.

Below, we’ll be discussing all we know about the hotly anticipated Dark and Darker beta so you can put your mind at ease knowing you’ll be able to get to destroying some skeletons and escaping with gold-filled pockets.

Is there a Dark and Darker beta?

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When it comes to a Dark and Darker beta, there has unfortunately been no official word from the developers if or when the game will be launched in this state. However, this is probably due to the fact that Dark and Darker is at quite an early stage in development, and therefore, it could be a ways off until we hear any news about a Dark and Darker beta.

On the flip side though, there are instead Dark and Darker playtests which are essentially replacing any betas for now, allowing you to get a taste of the experience. We’d probably class these playtests and alphas rather than betas as there are quite a few of the game’s features missing, such as additional Dungeon Basement Levels as well as quests and skill trees.

But, as more and more playtests become available, we only get closer to a game that’s in its final form and potentially getting to a point where we see a fully-fledged beta that’s more than playable, similar to that of Escape From Tarkov.

If there are any more Dark and Darker beta details released or additional communication from the developers, we’ll be sure to update this Dark and Darker beta guide so you know if that all-important beta date is on the horizon.

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