Crown Faction DMZ: How to unlock

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There’s no mistaking that both MW2, and DMZ in particular, is getting a little stale since there haven’t been many, if any major updates since launch. However, with Season 2 of MW2 comes an array of changes including some new additions, especially in DMZ.

One of the biggest is the introduction of the new Crown Faction, akin to Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous which are already cemented in the game mode. Below, we’ll run you through everything we know about the Crown Faction as well as how to unlock those all-important Missions for yourself as it’s a little confusing.

What is the Crown Faction DMZ?

As previously stated, the Crown Faction in DMZ is the new ‘enemies’ pitting themselves against the others previously introduced with the game’s launch. This will bring with it a whole host of new Missions for you to take on in your DMZ escapades, allowing for a deeper challenge.

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The official logo for the Crown Faction is yet to be revealed but we expect that it will be regal in nature, thanks to the name of the Faction, and could possibly be linked to what’s to come on Ashika Island.

How to get Crown Faction Missions DMZ

As previously stated, a bunch of players are a little confused as to how to actually get these newly announced Crown Faction Missions in the latest DMZ update.

We’re sad to report that while DMZ as a whole is a free-to-play mode, the new Crown Faction and its associated Missions are sitting behind a paywall. This is because to gain access to them, you’ll need to have purchased the core MW2 title.

This is hugely disappointing for those that are playing through this all-new looting and extraction game mode but this isn’t the first time the developers have done this.

If you weren’t aware, when looking at stash and key slots, if you own MW2, you will have 20 of each. But, if you do not own the game, you will be limited to half of that, making it tricky to access those hidden areas, as well as having enough contraband to get successful exfils.

If you’re looking for all the information coming out of Season 2 for DMZ, read our guides on the new boss The Bombmaker, and map Ashika Island.

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