Crash Site Weapons Case Key DMZ location

Crash Site Weapons Case DMZ

The new Season 2 update for MW2 and Warzone 2 also brings with it a bunch of new content for DMZ. This comes in the form of Missions, a new map – Ashika Island, as well as some shiny new Keys.

One of these Keys is the Crash Site Weapons Case Key and many are wondering where to use it since the Keys in this game don’t give you precise coordinates.

Below, we’ll take you through this Crash Site Weapons Case Key location in DMZ so you can get to it successfully and find out what awaits you inside.

Crash Site Weapons Case Key DMZ location

Even though this is a new Key in DMZ, it’s not actually for the Ashika Island map. Instead, you’ll be heading to Al Mazrah for its location.

To be more specific, you’re going to be heading to the D5 quadrant of the map, just south of the Sattiq Cave Complex. Look for the red pipeline that goes through a bunch of different areas as this is the area you’ll need to go.

If you’re still struggling a little, below is a precise map marker that you can follow.

Crash Site Weapons Case Key DMZ location

Once there, you should be able to see the Crash Site Weapons Case if you do a bit of rummaging around. It looks like a medium-sized rectangle hard case, akin to that of other case styles you’ve probably come across in the game.

It is on the floor next to the crash site itself, so you shouldn’t find yourself in too much bother.

And there you have it, simply use your Crash Site Weapons Case Key to unlock and get the rewards inside.

If you’re looking for more DMZ help with these new Season 2 updates, we’ve got other guides such as how to complete Break Check, a new Mission that has been introduced.

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