Hogwarts Legacy counter-attack: How to use Stupefy

how to counter attack hogwarts legacy

When playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’re going to be casting spells galore, not only to fight against a plethora of enemies, but also to uncover the secrets of the land. Looking at battling specifically, there are a bunch of spells available, requiring you to change these up from time to time to get the most of out them.

On the flip side, there are times when you need to do some defending, or even getting some counters in to dispatch those in your path. This is what we’ll be teaching you here, the Hogwarts Legacy counter attack so you will hopefully survive the many treacherous events that unfold.

How to counter attack Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to do a little less dodging and would rather go on the offensive and strike your opponents right away, you can execute a counter-attack that will likely get to the battle’s impasse faster than usual.

To counter-attack in Hogwarts Legacy, what you’ll need to do is perform an extension of the blocking mechanic Protego. To cast Protego, you need to hit the Triangle/Y button but to counter-attack, you’re going to need to cast Stupify, which can be done by holding the aforementioned button.

howarts legacy counter attack

Casting Stupefy, counter-attacking your enemy will be done automatically upon holding Triangle/Y so you don’t even need to add it to one of your slots or press R2/RT.

However, while all of the above it true, you need to get the timing right to counter-attack in Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, this timing is pretty simple.

To get a successful counter-attack what you’ll need to do is wait for the yellow marker to appear over your head. Once this shows up, hold the button and you’ll cast a Stupefy counter.

After this, you can then follow it up with a simple R2 cast or even a more complex spell, doing even more damage when your opponent is stunned.

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