CH 7 Secure Records Room Key Location DMZ

ch 7 secure record room key dmz

If you’ve been playing a bunch of the new DMZ mode for Call Of Duty, you will have likely found some of the Keys laying around in Al Mazrah. However, it is pretty confusing where to use certain Keys as their descriptions can be a little ambiguous, even if they give you a map quadrant to aim for.

The CH 7 Secure Records Room Key is one of these as it provides you with a place to seek out in Al Mazrah but you may be hunting for quite a while to get to the precise spot. Below, we’ll be detailing the exact CH 7 Secure Records Room Key Location in DMZ so you can cut out all of that wasted time and get straight to securing some valuables.

CH 7 Secure Records Room Key Location DMZ

So, as previously stated, in the description of the CH 7 Secure Records Room Key, you will see that you are provided with a rough place of where you need to use it. This is in Downtown Al Mazrah, within the F2 map quadrant, but again, this is still even a little vague as there is no such POI for Downtown Al Mazrah on the map.

Instead, what you’ll need to do is head to the Al Mazrah City POI and head a little north, a look for a cluster of three buildings, barely within that F2 quadrant. This isn’t the CH 7 TV Station building itself but simply one that is ‘linked’ to it. For the exact spot, check out the map image below.

ch 7 secure record room location dmz

Once you reach the building detailed above, enter from the car park side through the door that says ‘Employees Only’. As soon as you go through this door you should be able to see a locked door. This is the CH 7 Secure Records Room where you can use your Key to get in!

ch 7 secure record room key location dmz

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