Can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy?

can you swim hogwarts legacy

Portkey Games has certainly thrown a wide variety of mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy. From mounting and flying mythical creatures to unloading a plethora of spells on your enemies, you’re not short of new things to learn.

However, one aspect that many have been wondering about is can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy? As it hasn’t been confirmed at this point. Below, we’ll be detailing what we know about this to hopefully shed some light on any potential water-filled action.

Can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you’ve taken a look at the game, you’ve likely seen that it isn’t confined to the Hogwarts castle itself. Instead, you can roam freely and explore the surrounding areas, uncovering magical creatures and battling fierce foes. Now, while there’s a lot of ground to cover with your own two feet, there are also rivers and larger water-filled areas that look like they can be explored.

hogwarts legacy river

From the gameplay reveal trailers, while these don’t show one of the player-controlled characters swimming, if you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll be able to spot that there are in fact objective markers placed in bodies of water. This means that you will be entering the water at some point and getting your front crawl on. It could even incorporate mounts, with certain ones allowing you to dive beneath the surface.

Let’s not forget that there are also materials in the Wizarding World that are directly related to swimming and going underwater such as Gillyweed. If you’ve read the books or watched the movies, you’ll know that this can be consumed to grow gills on the neck. Moreover, there are even spells such as the Bubble-head charm that could be available for use in-game, allowing you to breathe for a certain amount of time.

Now, thanks to even more gameplay reveals coming out of an invite-only press event, we now have official confirmation that swimming is in Hogwarts Legacy.

As you can see in the above video, a fresh student at Hogwarts is in fact doing a nice swim. However, what it doesn’t confirm is whether you’re able to dive into the depths.

It’s only a matter of time until we know more, and when we do, we’ll update this guide with all the new information.

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