Can you repair weapons in Breath of the Wild?

can you repair weapons breath of the wild

In Breath of the Wild, weapons have a finite amount of durability, and they will eventually break with use. When a weapon’s durability runs out, it will break, and the player will need to find a new weapon to use. This system encourages players to explore the game world, defeat enemies, and collect new weapons to replace the ones that break.

Because of this, many are wondering if weapons can be repaired as their power is becoming depleted. Below, we’ll be providing the answer to this question so you know whether you’ll be able to give those rare weapons a new lease of life or if they’ll be gone forever.

Can you repair weapons in BOTW?

weapon durability breath of the wild

As previously stated, the whole durability system in BOTW is a new one and something that encourages some serious exploration. However, it can become frustrating, especially if you’ve got a favorite weapon that you like to use. Repairing is something that players hope is in the game, but sadly this is not the case, with no way of repairing weapons of any kind, not even via a blacksmith.

While it may be disappointing to lose a favorite weapon, there are ways to maintain a steady supply of new ones. Players can obtain new weapons by defeating enemies, exploring the game world, and completing quests. Different types of enemies drop different weapons, and some weapons are more common than others. For example, Bokoblins often drop basic weapons such as clubs and spears, while stronger enemies such as Lynels drop more powerful weapons such as swords and bows.

In addition to finding new weapons, what we recommend is that you use items to maintain their durability. For example, there are various types of potions and meals that can increase a weapon’s durability for a limited time which can be cooked using ingredients found in the game world, such as monster parts and fruits. Some ingredients have special effects, such as increasing the potency of a potion or adding a new effect to a meal, so make sure you’re testing these to get the best outcome.

Moreover, you can also use weapons strategically to maximize their durability. For example, using a spear to attack from a distance can prevent it from taking damage, while using a shield to parry attacks can prevent the player’s weapon from taking damage. Additionally, players can use weaker weapons to attack weaker enemies, saving their stronger weapons for tougher battles.

In conclusion, while weapons cannot be repaired in Breath of the Wild, there are ways to maintain a steady supply of new weapons and maintain their durability. By exploring the game world, defeating enemies, and using items strategically, you can ensure that they always have reliable combat options throughout your adventure.

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