Can the Hylian Shield Break in Breath Of The Wild?

can the hylian shield break breath of the wild

The Hylian Shield is an iconic item in the Legend of Zelda series, and it also makes an appearance in the ever-popular Breath of the Wild. It is a highly desirable shield that can protect the player from various attacks, but many players wonder if it can break in the game since most other weapons and shields do.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know on this so that you’re aware as to whether you need to be careful with this precious bit of equipment, or go around fending off attacks aplenty.

Does the Hylian Shield break in BOTW?

hylian shield breath of the wild

The Hylian Shield is the most durable shield in the game, and it can withstand a significant amount of damage from various enemies no matter what their attacks are. However, we’re sad to report that it is not in fact indestructible, and can break if it takes too much damage.

However, with this being said, The Hylian Shield is the most durable shield in the game with a durability rating of 800, which means that it can absorb up to 800 points of damage before breaking. This is significantly higher than any other shield in the game, with most shields having a durability rating of around 20-40.

You can even enhance this Hylian Shield durability stat further with Durability Up +, taking it from that already huge 800 number all the way up to 1160.

Thankfully, if your Hylian Shield does break, you can replace it, but it requires a bit of effort on the player’s part. We cover this in our Hylian Shield replacement guide if you want to read up on how to get another.

It is worth noting that there is a strategy to avoid having the Hylian Shield break altogether. The shield can be used to shield-surf, which is a technique where the player slides down hills and slopes while using the shield as a sled. While shield-surfing, the player will take no damage, and the shield will not degrade in durability, potentially allowing you to avoid a whole bunch of enemies in the process thus not taking any hits.

Overall, the Hylian Shield in Breath of the Wild can break, but it is the most durable shield in the game and can withstand a significant amount of damage before eventually succumbing like the other shields. By using shield-surfing and being careful not to take too much damage, players can keep their Hylian Shield in excellent condition and avoid having to replace it.

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