How to complete Break Check DMZ Mission

break check dmz how to complete

It’s finally here, a fresh update for DMZ, the new looting and extraction mode for Call Of Duty. This time around, we’re not only getting a brand new map to explore, but also a bunch of different Missions that will get you some contraband and that all-important XP.

One of these new Missions is Break Check in DMZ which is tripping up a bunch of players thanks to its objectives being quite vague.

Below, we’ll take you through exactly how to complete the Break Check DMZ Mission so you can check this off and get on with the next one.

Break Check DMZ Mission objectives

Before we get into a deep dive on how to complete Break Check, let’s run you through all of the objectives it asks you to do:

Locate the car crash site near the observatory
Find and extract the hard drive near the crash site
Drop the hard drive in the Waterways dead drop on Ashika Island

As previously stated, while these objectives do guide you toward a set location, they’re not exactly pinpoint, and you’re going to need to find where you need to go for yourself.

We’ve done the hard work for you so read on for everything you need to know.

How to complete Break Check DMZ

So, first off, to complete Break Check, you’re going to need to find the car crash site near the observatory. The location of this is in the Al Mazrah map.

To be more specific, this is in the E6 quadrant of the map, east of the observatory that the objective states. You’ll be able to see the car crash site as it is a flaming upside-down car.

For the exact spot, see the map below, showing you a precise marker of its location.

car crash site location dmz

Now, for the hard drive, you’ll be able to find this at the car crash site. It will be right next to the car’s window, making this step not too difficult.

ashika security hard drive dmz

After this, you’ll have to extract this hard drive using the closest exfil point.

If you make it out alive with the hard drive, you’ll now have to load into the new Ashika Map for the next step of this Mission, as shown in the last objective above.

For the Waterways dead drop, the place you’ll need to deposit the hard drive on Ashika Island, this is in map quadrant G5.

As the Waterways suggests, you have to go down to the depths a little to find it so to help you out, we’ve got a precise map marker image for you below.

ashika island waterways dead drop location dmz

Once you deposit the hard drive into the Waterways dead drop on Ashika Island, you will have completed the Mission. Simply exfil and you’re done with Break Check forever!

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