DMZ Ashika Island map: Everything you need to know

ashika island dmz

There’s no mistaking that fans of the latest Call of Duty, MW2, have been looking for new content to allow it to have more longevity, and inevitably, more fun. This is shared with players of the all-new DMZ mode, as things have become a little stale.

We did get a slight refresh with the introduction of Building 21, the limited-time fast-paced map, but due to it not being live on a constant basis, and no new additions in terms of Missions, fans are getting a little frustrated.

However, it does appear that the developers are listening, as a whole new map has been created for both DMZ and Warzone 2 – Ashika Island. Below, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this new DMZ map so you’re fully informed before you drop in.

What is the Ashika Island DMZ map?

So, as previously stated, the Ashika Island DMZ map is an all-new area that has been introduced with Season 2 of MW2. The map itself is much smaller than that of Al Mazrah, thanks to its main purpose for Warzone 2 being intended as a Resurgence map in which you respawn over and over.

From both the name and the reveal of the map, it will be Japanese-themed and will feature areas decorated with what you would expect from its culture. Again, thanks to the name, it will be an island thus making it completely surrounded by water contrary to that of DMZ’s Al Mazrah map which had both water and land danger zones that you could not stay in.

Ashika Island DMZ map POIs

Naturally, with every new map that launches, you’re going to have a bunch of new POIs to explore when you get the chance to drop in. Obviously, as previously stated, Ashika Island in DMZ will have a lot less of these since it is a smaller zone overall. However, don’t get it mistaken, it’s useful to know what these POIs are not only to navigate the region, but also to remember where to best loot is.

Initially, way back when, there was a leak suggesting that this Resurgence-style map looked like the following image and now the time is here, it’s a pretty close representation.

ashika island map leak

As you can see from the image above, this is a rough guide as to what Ashika Island initially looked like and its rumored POIs. There were 10 in total and all offer up some variety in look and feel.

Now we have the full map reveal, here is an official map as well as full list of Ahika Island POIs with associated images:

Full Ashika Island map

ashika island mw2

Tsuki Castle

tsuki castle ashika island

Town Center

Beach Club

Underground Waterway

underground waterway ashika island

Port Ashika

ashika bay dmz


shipwreck ashika island


residential dmz

Oganikku Farms

Oganikku Farms dmz

Ashika Island boss

the bombmaker dmz

Yes, there is a new boss introduced with Ashika Island – The Bombmaker. This boss will yet again be the key component in the Weapon Case and its rewards, so you’ll need to dispatch him in order to get your hands on them.

We have a separate guide on The Bombmaker, so head over there for more info.

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