Winterbite Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to get

winterbite destiny 2 lightfall exotic glaive

Destiny 2 is back with Lightfall, an expansion that pits you against the Black Fleet and The Witness. Players will explore Neptune’s Neomuna, an uncharted planet, and gain access to the new subclass, Stand.

As with every Destiny 2 content refresh, there are new weapons and armor to discover, with Exotics being the most powerful of them all. In this guide, we’ll focus on Winterbite, the new Glaive Exotic, and look into how to unlock it and what to expect.

How to get Winterbite Destiny 2 Lightfall

winterbite destiny 2 lightfall

To get your hands on this new Exotic Glaive in Lightfall, you’re going to have to complete a yet another quest to do so.

However, before this is even possible, you must first beat the Lightfall campaign on either difficulty.

strider quest destiny 2 lightfall

Once you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll first need to unlock the Hall Of Heroes, which can be done by starting the Deterministic Chaos Exotic quest.

After you’ve done this, you’ll need to head to Quinn Laghari, the City Archivist. You should be able to see the Winterbite quest in there named Strider, but you must do a few tasks to unlock it involving restoring memorials.

These are dotted around the Hall Of Heroes and are their own little subset of quests so finish these up to gain access to the Strider Exotic quest.

Strider has seven total quest steps but most of these are simply speaking to different NPCs. However, for the first couple, you’ll be using keys at Terminal Overload Chests, and defeating Shadow Legion forces on Neomuna.

After all the steps are done, head back to Quinn who will reward you with Winterbite.

Winterbite Destiny 2 Lightfall perks & traits

winterbite destiny 2 lightfall perks

Winterbite packs a powerful punch with its Big Frigid Glaive intrinsic trait. This enables the wielder to fire a large ball of energy that not only locks onto nearby targets but also freezes them, allowing you to follow up with further attacks to dispatch them nice and quickly.

It also possesses Weighted Edge, that if you have ammo loaded in the Winterbite Glaive, will both deal increased damage and slow targets.

Essentially, you could do a one-two combo by utilizing Big Frigid Glaive and then following up with a physical attack that boasts even more power.

We can see the Winterbite being extremely useful in PVE activities as well as PVP, maybe even in Trials Of Osiris if you’re in a 1v2 or 1v3 situation.

After getting Winterbite why not read how to get other Exotic weapons such as Deterministic Chaos or Final Warning.

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