6 Pokemon Red & Blue secrets you didn’t know existed

pokemon red blue secrets

Pokemon Red & Blue were the revolutionary games that started it all. Released nearly two decades ago, these classics are still beloved by players around the world. But did you know there are secrets and glitches within the game?

From hidden mechanics to special Easter eggs, these 6 Pokemon Red & Blue secrets will surprise even the most dedicated fans of the series. Get ready for an adventure as we unearth some little-known facts about one of gaming’s most popular franchises.

Using a Rod on Gym statues

fishing rod statues pokemon red blue secret

The world of Pokemon Red & Blue is full of secrets, and one of the most interesting ones involves using a fishing rod on Gym statues. Believe it or not, this can be done! By casting your line at a statue’s feet with, you may just be surprised by what happens next.

When trying out this trick for yourself, you need to make sure that you’re standing right next to the statue. Then use any fishing rod, whether that’s an Old Rod or Super Rod, and you’ll be in for a shock.

You’ll enter a battle with the ever-famous Magikarp which you can either fight, run, or choose to catch and add it to your collection, just like any other wild Pokemon encounter in the game.

This secret has been around since the original games were released, yet many players have never seen or even heard of it before now. So why not give it a go?

Invisible PC in Celedon City

invisible celadon pc pokemon red blue secret

Now, if you’re looking for something a little more obscure, then head over to Celedon City. You may have noticed that there’s a building that looks very similar on the inside to that of a Pokemon Center. An empty space will be where a PC should be – but it turns out this secret is hiding.

To locate this PC, head to the bottom right of the City. Now enter the building. To the right-hand side of the room where a PC is usually placed in a Pokemon Center, put your Trainer there. Then simply press A and you’ll be able to access the PC as you would normally.

Exploring every nook and cranny of Pokemon Red & Blue is part of what makes it such an enjoyable experience, and discovering secrets like this only adds to its charm.

You can battle Safari Zone Pokemon

battle safari pokemon red blue secret

Another fun surprise in Pokemon Red & Blue is the ability to battle Safari Zone Pokemon.

This isn’t contained within the Safari Zone itself, but is still fun all the same, as this is a feature that you can’t actually do if you were to play the game normally.

All you need to do is head over to the Safari Zone, enter then exit. After that, make sure to get to Route 20 without entering any wild battles. Then, fly to Cinnabar Island and surf along the east of the map. You will now encounter Safari Zone Pokemon and not any water-based ones that you’d usually see.

You’ll be able to catch these Pokemon as if it were a normal battle too, so you can stock up on these types of creatures as much as you want!

Charizard can’t learn Fly but can in Yellow Version

charizard fly pokemon red blue secret

One of the most iconic Pokemon in the series is Charizard – but did you know that it can’t learn Fly in Red & Blue versions? It’s true; while this beloved Fire-type has access to many powerful moves, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have any way to take off and traverse the skies. Fortunately, though, there is a remedy for this problem: if players are willing to trade it over to Yellow Version then they’ll find that Charizard finally gets its wish.

In Yellow Version, Charizard will be able to learn Fly – which means it can soar around freely on this majestic Pokemon. Not only does this make traversing certain areas much easier but it also opens up new possibilities during combat scenarios. With its newfound power, Charizard can easily reach new heights, both in and out of battle.

Trading Raichu with an NPC will make it evolve

evolve raichu pokemon red blue secret

Sometimes, evolution takes a bit of extra effort. That’s certainly the case when it comes to Raichu – seeing as you’ll need a Lightning Stone to do so. However, did you know that there is an easter egg suggesting Raichu evolves once more?

To get this easter egg, you’ll need to head to Cinnabar Island and visit an Old Man in Cinnabar Island’s Lab. If you choose to trade your Raichu with him, receiving an Electrode in return, he will state that the Raichu evolves again!

This may be a simple oversight by the developers but it could also plant the seed of something like Mega Evolutions that will feature in later Pokemon games.

You can battle Professor Oak

battle professor oak pokemon red blue secret

The world of Red & Blue is filled with secrets – and it turns out that one of them involves battling Professor Oak himself! That’s right; using a simple game-breaking glitch, players can challenge the Pokemon professor to an epic battle. It’s important to note that this isn’t a fight you should take lightly; Oak has some powerful creatures at his disposal and they won’t hesitate to use their might against you if given the chance.

To access this hidden duel, gamers must first complete one of two glitches – the Old Man glitch, or the Ditto glitch. These aren’t overly complicated but require very specific steps so you need to follow them to a tee.

Once completed, you can face off against Oak and his team. He will have pretty strong Pokemon including a fully evolved starter. This starter will be the one that either you or your rival didn’t pick. 

Final word

The secrets of Pokemon Red & Blue are not only surprising but also interesting. Even after all these years, players may still discover new and exciting tricks to the game. Many of them prove useful even today as some people strive to become Pokemon masters within their own realms. 

The above are only 5 of the Pokemon Red & Blue secrets but a multitude of hidden gems just waiting to be utilized. Whether you’re looking for rare pokemon or simply want to explore the mystery of Missingno, seeking out these secrets is bound to make your journey through the Kanto region a much more interesting affair!

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.
Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.