How to get Truth – Destiny 2

How to get Truth - Destiny 2

Like Thorn, Truth in Destiny 2 requires a number of quest steps to be completed until you can get your hands on that exotic rocket launcher that fans of the franchise know and love. The reason why Truth is always so sought after is due to the fact that its tracking is extremely aggressive, making easy work of elusive enemies in the Crucible as well as pesky PVE combatants.

How to get Truth in Destiny 2

Again, like Thorn, you’ll need to have acquired the Forsaken DLC but this time, you’re also going to have purchased the Season of Opulence as this grants you access to Truth’s quest. If you have both of those installed, let’s get into the Truth’s quest steps:

Step 1
To start the Truth quest line you’ll first need to complete a run of the Menagerie

Step 2
Once that has been completed, head over to the Dreaming City and talk to Petra Venj

Step 3
Next up is to complete an Ascendant Challenge. If you haven’t done one of these before, to activate them you’ll need the item Tincture of Queensfoil first.

Step 4
You’ll now need to find four map fragments by completing a Nightfall, finding Ascenant Chests on Nessus and the Dreaming City, and finally, killing an Ogre in The Tangled Shore.

Step 5
Once you’ve acquired those map fragments, you’ll now need to decode them. You do this by completing three Dreaming City Patrols, killing enemies on Nessus and Tangled Shore, and completing three handicapped Nightfall Strikes

Step 6
Next, you’ll need to locate Fallen artifacts in the Warden of Nothing strike. These are dotted throughout and are relatively easy to notice. Also ensure you take a Tincture into the strike as you’ll need it for the end.

Step 7
Kill the Warden of Nothing strike boss and pop the Tincture in your inventory. You should see a bunch of platforms. Follow these to the hidden chest and open it.

If you followed all of these steps correctly, you should now have acquired Truth in Destiny 2! The steps aren’t too painful but be sure you stock up on those Tinctures so you’re not short of them by the end!

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